World renowned brand three Rolex watches prices

Rolex is a world-renowned brand tab in both appearance and quality, in the watch industry is on the rise above the common herd. Rolex is not only a representative of the luxury brand, for the tireless pursuit of quality let all love table for all to see, this also allows Rolex watches prices have been living in an expensive level, is a representative of luxury. Why does it become the evergreen tree watches? I think the secret is blending itself: serious pursuit of faith. Even if rolex replica are very expensive, but good styles are often out of stock, so if you want to buy Rolex watches, must identify the timing and time discount, here we are in 2013 the most popular Rolex watches prices.

Rolex watches are very expensive

Coincides with the spring fashion week was the latest style like a raging fire, kept running, Rolex (Rolex) launched seven new Oyster Perpetual Day-Date watch is full of spring. According to different surface design, derived from the four themes, points are Ferrite, lazuli Lapis, of Pearl Carousel Mother, of Pearl Oxford Bull and s' eye Mother. Don't understand the movement of dense fine structure and very fine, only know how to appreciate the meticulous workmanship. On the surface of the diamonds of bright and beautiful and moving, mother of Pearl and top gemstones, gorgeous and very fashionable! The gold and silver color without a doubt the most easy to match, champagne gold emit noble and elegant woman, with Lapis Lazuli made of bright blue surface is the most eye-catching eye-catching, as spring and summer clothing accessories most suitable. The series Rolex watches price is about 83000. Rolex log series Diamond Watch

Rolex log series diamond watch. This replica watches is in the Rolex family is selling styles. It is advanced across the classical styles. Official model: G487538. Oyster log table whether male or female, the recognition rate is very high. Appearance of simple and large triple needle design, sapphire crystal glass table is provided with 2.5 times the original size of the calendar window. Triangle pits, these remarkable features are widely praised after the advent of the world. Log watch many are Rome digital time scales, and the top 10 diamonds inlaid in the dial as time scale, dial pattern and bezel rose gold material combination collocation, make this watch looks very luxurious. 36 mm of the table diameter generous decent. This watch uses a closed bottom surface design, the movement is 3155 automatic mechanical movement in the famous Rolex family. Movement stable operation, accurate and very strong, very good reputation, this log series Rolex watches price of about 95000.

The Rolex grand launch of this legendary watch GLS: complete with rare metal -- 950 platinum to create the universe one meter with Xingdi Watch

In 1963, the first oyster perpetual cosmic plan Xingdi with the advent of the watch. Exactly 50 years later, in the 2013 Basel World Expo jewelry watches, rolex replica grand launch of this legendary watch GLS: complete with rare metal -- 950 platinum to create the universe one meter with Xingdi watch. The new watch is also equipped with a maroon CERACHROM word ring and a blue ice surface. Equipped with a speedometer CERACHROM ring is a major feature of the universe with Xingdi meter watch, make it an ideal tool for measuring the average speed, maximum speed of 400 kilometers per hour or miles. The number and scale on the outer ring through the PVD (Vapour Deposition Physical, physical vapor deposition method) coating technology to fill a thin layer of platinum, easy to read. Cosmic Rolex watches price is about 120000.